Thursday, March 11, 2010

Using EFT with felt sensations

How powerful is that? When we put our attention on, and observe any felt sensations in our body, the very act of observing returns flow and movement to the sensations or energy. Awareness increases our vitality and life energy. That is extremely powerful. If you add tapping into the mix, it becomes even more powerful. If you're angry for example, the felt sensation might be a tightening of your jaw or stomach, simply become aware of what is happening in your body and tap until it shifts. Trauma, literally speaking, is frozen energy, and until we learn to release or discharge it, the force of this energy builds enormous momentum and causes havoc in our systems. The frozen energy is constantly seeking release and movement, it communicates with us in the form of felt sensations, symptoms and emotions. They are our feedback mechanisms and we can utilise them to restore flow and vitality. Read more about somatic experiencing (Peter Levine) and the felt sense (Eugene Gendlin - focusing). Tapping diagram.

The core of traumatic reaction is ultimately physiological, and it is at this level that healing begins ~ Peter Levine Waking the Tiger


julie said...

I use an energy psychology called CLEAR that combines EFT, somatic experiencing (focusing on felt sensations), EMDR, with excellent results. I agree totally that this is a valuable part of the work!

Noreen said...

Thanks Julie.