Saturday, May 28, 2011

Remember the Body. Touch the Earth. Heal Wounds.

I really loved this article by Benjamin Riggs and I'd like to share an excerpt here. You can read the full article here.

"The body is a place many of us have not been for quite some time. We have forgotten our bodies. In our modern world, the sensitivity and immediacy of the body is treated like a nuisance. It is almost as if the body is always interrupting the head, with it’s plans and strategies. With our ambitious heads in the driver’s seat, we push our bodies to the edge. As a result, we are plagued by aches and pains, fatigue, addiction, and illness. We seek escape from the prophetic wisdom of  intuition, but the persistence of this wisdom reveals our plans and strategies to be a cowardly exercise in futility—preordained tendencies that seek to escape the inevitable reunion of mind and body. Then, in an act of desperation, we drown out the realization that we are seeking escape. We begin to chase oblivion, and in the process, we silence the voice of our body. We go numb. The impending reminders of our corporeal condition are, often times, so extreme and overwhelming that the body has come to be regarded as a burden. At best, most of us see the body as a bag of bones, which chauffeurs around the tyrant lodged between our ears. This condition is referred to as “disembodiment.”

Inbred thinking is the origin of our disembodied condition. A decapitated head is an industrious mentality characterized by confusion, speed, and clutter. In short, it is insane. When thought is divorced from reality, consciousness becomes infected with insanity. In a disconnected mind thought is forced to supply itself with content, which is the origin of insanity.

At birth we are fully embodied. As a matter of fact, we are still fully embodied; we are just ignore-ant of this fact. As we begin our initiation into the human race, we inherit a program that seeks to fragment awareness for the sake of organization. The true nature of thought is pure energy, but language begins to interpret this energy, molding it through a process of conformity. Eventually, the thinking mind is governed by a pre-ordained system of dynamics and unquestioned assumptions." Read on

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Dissolving an underlying energetic pattern of fear

This exercise is from Donna Eden's excellent book Energy Medicine. I have had great success with this beautifully simple exercise:
When you are caught in fear, anxiety, or a phobia, tapping a point on the triple warmer meridian (gamut spot in EFT), which governs the flight-or-flight response, can alleviate the fear. The next time you feel afraid (time - about 1 minute): 
1. Start tapping on the gamut spot. Tap for about a minute.
2. If you still feel fear, tap on the other hand. 
Even for a long-standing phobia, repeatedly using this technique begins to alter the underlying energetic pattern.

Thursday, May 05, 2011

Are you "too" sensitive?

Do you believe your self to be "too" sensitive? I think there is a difference between being receptive and sensitive. I believe that being too sensitive or hyper sensitivity is actually an overwhelmed nervous system. Try this tapping script to help your nervous system release some of that undischarged frozen energy. Tapping diagram and points.

A very receptive state of mind...not unlike a sheet of film itself - seemingly inert, yet so sensitive that a fraction of a second's exposure conceives a life in it ~ Minor White

Even though I am too sensitive, I accept myself anyway

Even though I feel too much, I accept all of my feelings

Even though I wish I could turn the switch off on my emotions so I don't have to feel them, I accept how I feel

Top of the head: I'm too sensitive
Eyebrow: How do I know?
Side of the eye: I've always been told I am
Under the eye: I've always been highly strung
Under the nose: I've always felt too much
Under the chin: I can't handle my feelings
Collar bone: And neither can others
Under the arm: So I push them away

Top of the head: But it doesn't work
Eyebrow: They get stronger
Side of the eye: Because I'm not listening
Under the eye: I'm not acknowledging
Under the nose: What my feelings are trying to say
Under the chin: So they get louder
Collar bone: So I'll listen
Under the arm: But it's hard to listen

Top of the head; When they feel so strong
Eyebrow: And overwhelming
Side of the eye: It's hard to accept my feelings
Under the eye: Because …
Under the nose: It's difficult to honour how I feel
Under the chin: And feel those feelings
Collar bone: They feel too much
Under the arm: I feel too much

Top of the head: My nervous system is overwhelmed
Eyebrow: I can help it discharge some of this stress
Side of eye: Tapping and releasing
Under the eye: Tapping and releasing
Under the nose: Tapping and helping this energy to move
Under the chin: And go where it needs to go
Collar bone: Helping this energy move
Under the arm: Helping this energy move

Monday, May 02, 2011


When you feel, you keep things moving. And when your energies are moving it feels good and you feel good as a result. When a feeling feels uncomfortable, we have the ability to stop feeling that feeling and suspend the experience. The discomfort can come in the form of shame, guilt, fear or feeling wrong for having the feeling in the first place. Allowing yourself to feel allows you to fully experience your life. Feeling is completely free, it's a natural ability most of us have that is underutilised and undervalued, it is a skill you can access any time you choose to. Things tend to fall into their rightful place when we allow our self to feel all of our emotions, we don't feel so stuck, stressed and overwhelmed.

It takes a lot of courage to release the familiar and seemingly secure, to embrace the new. But there is no real security in what is no longer meaningful. There is more security in the adventurous and exciting, for in movement there is life, and in change there is power ~ Alan Cohen

Try tapping on “Feeling keeps my energies moving”, “When my energy moves I feel good”, “It feels good when my energies are moving”. Describe the energy and how it feels as it's moving, or not moving as the case may be, be as descriptive as you can about how you feel when you're tapping. You'll know you're making headway if you start to yawn, sigh, burp or when the emotional charge on the feeling lessens and it feels more comfortable to feel that feeling. These are all very good signs of a shift and energy starting to move. EFT is great at helping us to feel emotions that we find difficult to feel. It's easier to let the feeling move through your system without it causing a short circuit in your energy (electrical) system when you tap.  If energy has been stuck or has not moved in a long time, it can feel hard and very frustrating, it can take a bit longer and some persistence to help it start moving again. Let your intention be for the energy to move and see what happens when you let go of any resistance to feeling all of your emotions.