Monday, March 15, 2010

The courage to feel

It takes courage to feel. Becoming aware of how we feel by taking a moment to be quiet and breathe can make us want to run away and avoid feeling certain feelings. So we don't do it, it's too painful. This is called dissociation and we all do it to some degree. How many times have you come home, left your car keys somewhere and have completely forgotten where the next time you leave the house and you end up turning the entire house upside down looking for them?! You were dissociated the moment you were unaware, or out of your body.

Lens Heart by Zik Tay
The act of feeling our feelings has the very effect that we want; peace. We will be more peaceful, calm and happy when we feel the energy of our feelings. They will energise us. If we refuse to feel by burying, denying and avoiding, and don't diffuse the powerful energy that needs to be expressed, our feelings will show up in dis-ease, dis-order and dis-association of the spirit, mind and body. That energy has to go somewhere. Feeling brings our spirit—an old word for energy—back into our bodies. I think this is the essence of what healing—being whole—means. I once heard Jennifer McLean say that the “safest place to be is in our bodies”. How many of us can agree with that? Did you squirm reading that? But it is true. Bringing our spirit back into our bodies by feeling is liberating and empowering. It enables us to feel the joy and peace that is our birth right, keeps our energies flowing and maintains a vital and high level of life energy. Neuroscientist Antonio Damasio's research on people with brain damage demonstrates just how important feelings and emotions are to living a meaningful and healthy life. When a person's ability to feel is impeded, their quality of life suffers enormously as a result. The capacity to feel is a beautiful gift given to us by nature, let's embrace it and use it. Tapping diagram.
The best way out is always through ~ Robert Frost

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