Friday, October 22, 2010

Energy Nutrition

One of the most important concepts I learned when doing my training in EmoTrance was the idea of energy nutrition. In practical terms, what that means is to be able to open ourselves up, without blocks or shields, to every energy and to allow that energy to charge and brighten us up, so we can evolve, learn, grow, be nourished by it and realise our full potential. To be able and to have the skills and resources to allow any energy to flow in, through and out and to have that same energy nourish you, is life changing and really powerful.

I don't believe that there is any such thing as a positive or negative emotion. Many of us haven't yet learned to move energy properly so we're emotionally and energetically constipated. Energy can feel dense or it can feel light. Feeling lighter feels good. Feeling dense energy because it's slow, thick and sluggish makes us feel stuck, it feels uncomfortable because we can't handle it! That's because we're afraid of it or we've judged it as "bad" or "shameful" so we deny it, bury it and most of all, hold onto it. Which of course is the last thing we say we want to do!  So, dense energy can't move and stays stuck.

We're doing the opposite of what we were designed to do; allow energy to flow in, through and out of our energy systems. How many people hang onto the so-called "positive" emotions for dear life and for fear of losing them, and don't allow new stuff to flow in as a result? And how many want to get rid of the "negative" stuff? Instead of thinking in terms of high/up and low/down, as in the popular emotional guidance scale, I prefer to think of energy in terms of being dense or light. It makes a lot of sense to me, energy is designed to move, moving energy is light, slow energy or energy that has come to a standstill is dense. Learning how to allow any energy to move in, through and out will make us lighter so we can really shine as we're designed to do!

Monday, October 18, 2010

How can we heal what we're trying so hard to avoid?

How about we reframe "negative" emotions and feelings into feelings and emotions we can't handle YET.

We tend to label what feels uncomfortable as "negative". But imagine becoming comfortable with feeling all of your feelings? Wouldn't that be great?! Imagine if feeling your feelings, is what helps you digest them, assimilate them and discharge them so they don't become STUCK? Allowing them to flow in, through and out of our bodies and minds ...

Make a list of the feelings that are really uncomfortable for you to feel, the ones you want to avoid like the plague. And start tapping on allowing yourself to feel them.

Even though I can't handle feeling hopeless, maybe I can allow myself to feel 10% of that feeling and it'll get easier and easier to feel it

Even though I can't feel ... YET, I accept myself anyway

Even though I'm afraid to feel ... because ... I accept myself anyway

Friday, October 15, 2010

EFT tapping script for feeling stuck

Even though I feel stuck, this stuck energy doesn't move no matter what I do and I'm tired of it, I love and accept myself anyway

Even though everything seems to be sticking to this stuck energy and it makes me feel ...I'm trying to accept how I feel about this

Even though this energy feels as hard as a rock, it's like as if it's been stuck there forever, I don't think it's possible that it will ever move, but I'm open to the possibility that I can move this energy with all the resources available to me right now

Even though it feels difficult to change my mind about this and how I see it, it feels like I can't find the solution no matter how hard I look, that's okay EFT Short cut diagram
Photo by Mike Lutz
TH I feel stuck
EB I feel stuck
SE It won't budge
UE No matter what I do
UN It's useless
UC It's hopeless
CB This energy just won't move
UA It's going to be here forever

TH No it isn't
EB Yes it is
SE No it isn't
UE Yes, it is!!
UN No it isn't!!
CB When did it get stuck?
UA I don't know

TH If I did it wouldn't be stuck!!
EB Some part of me knows
SE All I have to do is help this energy move
UE And I can do that with my intention
UN Am I willing?
UC It feels really uncomfortable
UN Because it wants to move and can't
UA What's holding it there?

TH Maybe a conflict?
EB Maybe a belief?
SE A block?
UE A shield?
UN It must be subconscious
UC Because if I knew
CB I'd do something about it
UA Or would I?

TH Maybe some part of me doesn't want to let this go
EB Maybe it doesn't feel safe
SE Maybe there's some reason for holding onto this stuck energy
UE I'm open to knowing the answer
UN I'm open to receiving
UC Whatever it is I'm ready
CB Whatever it is I'm willing
UA I'm willing to heal

Monday, October 11, 2010

Discharging tension from the body exercise

I have been using this exercise from the book Reinventing the Body, Resurrecting the Soul by Deepak Chopra with great success. It really works in discharging (or releasing, letting go of) body tension. I've found that the more I can help my body to release tension with easy exercises like this, the easier it becomes for me to do energy work with myself and others because I've loosened up or released old stuck energy.

Discharge tension

Awareness, like water, is meant to flow easily, without interruption. When awareness becomes stuck, tension is created in the body. Cramps, pain, tightness, and stiffness are the most obvious symptoms of this, but at a deeper level your body is storing the memory of old stress. Yoga or deep energy work are great ways to release these body memories. Yet everyone's body has a natural mechanism for discharging tension, and you can take advantage of it immediately. 

Lie down before you go to sleep at night. Assume a position flat on your back without a pillow; spread your arms and legs at your side. Draw in a deep, slow breath, then release it through your mouth in a sigh, as freely and naturally as your body wants. Some sighs may be quick, almost like a gasp; others may be as deep as a sob. You may feel a sense of relief, sadness, grief, elation, or any other emotion. Be aware of the emotions as they arise; you are not just releasing physical tension; you are accessing bodily memories at the same time. The natural discharge of tension bundles thoughts, feelings, and sensations together, so let them all go at once. Do this exercise for no more than ten minutes, because it can be intense; allow yourself to fall asleep if your body wants to. That is also part of the discharge process. 

Monday, October 04, 2010


I had the most wonderful EFT session today with a fantastic and compassionate EFT practitioner, Ruth Maier. I had a huge 'AHA' moment, the kind I've been hoping for, for a long time! I read a quote by Neale Donald Walsch yesterday on facebook, “The more that you act on your intuition fearlessly, the more your intuition will serve you. Intuition is the ear of the soul”. This quote really really resonated with me. I have felt the times I haven't listened to my intuition, or my gut, have been the times when I've been too afraid to do so, and as a result chaos and confusion ensued in my life. I was conflicted about listening to my inner voice, particularly in my own life, because at times it felt like the scariest thing to do and I didn't feel confident enough to follow through on it. When we're not clear and congruent, it shows up in the people and situations that come into our lives.

The implications of me not listening to my intuition and following it, have had quite a big impact on my life. I would get angry with others for “walking all over me” or taking advantage of me or my kindness and then I'd get angry with myself for having allowed it when I knew better. This is quite ironic as one of the biggest patterns and themes in my life has been not feeling heard or listened to, by others! It was easy for me to listen to my gut when it came to others, in fact I'd feel unkind if I didn't, but I found it difficult to act on it for myself, selfish even. I'd hear what it was saying but I would often override its message, so my body had to do my talking for me instead. The person that I was being unkind to was myself.

This is what I wanted to work on today with Ruth, listening to and following my intuition, all the time. All sorts of stuff came up, but the biggest blinker lifter for me (which might sound obvious to everyone else) was my intuition IS my power. I've heard how important it is to take your power back in the healing process, but I was abdicating my power many times by feeling too afraid to listen to my gut and act on it. I've had health issues with my gut and solar plexus areas in the last few years, indigestion, bloating, a general feeling of discomfort, symptoms very like IBS. My body was speaking my mind, but guess what, I wasn't listening or I wasn't hearing the messages clearly, because I wasn't clear. I really do believe that our intuition or inner voice is how God communicates with us. It is our direct connection to the power of God. Many times I have felt power-less and dis-connected, and the person I was most disconnected from was myself. Very often I wasn't listening to me or my gut. I wasn't plugging into my power source; my intuition, which is really just another way of saying how God, Source, The Soul, The Universe, talks to us. I'm definitely listening now!

Thanks for your kindness, compassion and allowing Ruth!