Thursday, March 04, 2010

This ... frozen in my body

What were your answers to the questions in the previous post? If fear is an emotion you find repeating itself as a pattern in your life, try tapping on a very simple phrase that I have had a lot of success with.

"this frozen fear in my body"

Keep saying these words (substitute shame, guilt, whatever suits) and tap on all the points. You will most likely find that strong feelings will come up, keep tapping and breathe right into the centre of the feeling. Maybe memories will not be well defined, but the energy of the feelings encoded along with the memory in your brain will be felt. Just keep tapping and breathing through whatever arises. If you feel the urge to run or avoid, notice this and continue to breathe and tap. Tapping like this will loosen dense energy and help it to start flowing again. Keep going until you feel you have processed enough and feel relaxed. You can always return to it at another time if you feel the need. Tapping diagram.

You can, if you like, name a body part that you know you have an issue with. For example "this frozen guilt in my large intestine" or "this frozen grief in my lungs" etcetera.

To learn more about the freeze response you can check out Robert Scaer and Peter Levine's work.

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Noreen said...

"The real killer today is repression; many diseases lie above that bedrock. When there is a force holding down pain, the system does what it can to fight back. (Way back in the 1970s psychiatrist John Diamond wrote about how the body doesn't lie). The energy of pain has to go somewhere, and it travels to various organs- the kidneys, liver, heart, or blood circulating system. One way we know this is that after a patient has relived major early traumas, including lack of love, symptoms disappear,and blood pressure and heart rate normalise." Primal Healing ~ Dr Arthur Janov