Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tapping script for feeling overwhelmed

Try this script when you don't know where to start, or you've tried everything and it hasn't worked. Whatever the circumstances leading to a feeling of overwhelm, use this script. Listen and tap along find the EFT shortcut diagram and procedure here. Tapping continuously on the karate chop point or rubbing the sore spot, state out loud:

Even though I feel overwhelmed and it feels really uncomfortable, I accept how I feel

Even though I am petrified of feeling my feelings, I'm doing my best to avoid them but they just won't go away no matter how hard I resist them and want to get rid of them, I accept and honour that this is really difficult for me

Even though I don't like this, that's an understatement ...! I choose to accept that I feel uncomfortable with all this

TH I feel overwhelmed
EB It feels awful
SE I want it to go away
UE I feel completely lost
UN I don't know what to do
UC And that feels overwhelming
CB Feeling overwhelmed makes me anxious
UA This anxiety

TH This anxiety
EB Keeping things inside
SE I can't feel what's inside
UE And I can't get rid of it either
UN I don't know what to do
UC I feel overwhelmed by this
CB The pain feels too painful to feel
UA The pain feels too painful to feel

TH The pain is causing me anguish
EB And I just don't know what to do about the pain
SE I don't know what to do
UE Maybe tapping might help
UN I'll just tap
UC And tap
CB And breathe
UA And breathe

TH I choose to breathe
EB I choose to tap
SE And tap
UE That's all I can do for now
UN And that's okay
UC Breathing and tapping
CB Breathing and tapping
UA Breathing and tapping

Keep tapping until the overwhelm calms down and subsides. Any time you feel overwhelmed, repeat the above script and make sure to customise it to how you feel. 


Gillian Wightman said...

Great script, I used something like this with a client today who felt she was going round in circles, including giving herself permission to let her subconcious show her gently what needed to be healed and suddenly things were popping up. We just need to get of the merrygoround and give ourselves time to breathe and listen and this should really help.

Noreen Barron said...

Thanks Gill.