Thursday, March 25, 2010

Intention moves energy

Our nervous system generates a lot of energy to deal with trauma, it produces even more energy to be able to hold the trauma until it's processed. Very often, too often, the energy that's generated, is not discharged and released. This energy remains stored in the nervous system, building more and more momentum as time passes like a pressure cooker or a tornado. If trauma has not been released, we can probably safely assume that the organism does not know how. It is too overwhelmed, it does not have the necessary resources or know how to release the stress. When the same organism is traumatised again, the new unreleased energy is layered on top of the energy already humming away in the nervous system waiting desperately, but in vain, for release. As this ball of undischarged energy gets bigger, and more unmanageable, energy flow is impeded, it starts to chug and trickle and becomes more dense and will eventually stop flowing altogether if nothing is done to alleviate the pressure. This is when dis-ease sets in, usually at the point in the system where the energy is stuck and has stagnated.

We tend to identify with nervous system overwhelm, it's hard to think straight, we may panic, our breathing falters, we feel hopeless and stuck. At this point we are certainly tuned in, so if we can find the wherewithal to tap and breathe, we can start to discharge some of the powerful energy and give our organism release. Focusing and keeping our attention on our heart or a point in our body where it feels safe can help walk us gently through the overwhelm, and create some space, while tapping and breathing. This space that you create gets bigger every time you release more trapped energy, and you experience more peace and well being. Tapping diagram.

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