Monday, March 08, 2010

Powerful reframes

Reframing is the process whereby you begin to see or perceive something differently; from a perspective that empowers you. Common words that we hear all the time when we're not well are: disease, disorder and so on. Dr Arthur Janov writes in Primal Healing "When there is a force holding down pain, the system does what it can to fight back. (Way back in the 1970s psychiatrist John Diamond wrote about how the body doesn't lie). The energy of pain has to go somewhere, and it travels to various organs- the kidneys, liver, heart, or blood circulating system".

Where this energy of pain travels to will create a lack of ease, a lack of order and/or a lack of association. Good health depends on good communication. Efficient intercellular communication cannot take place if there is dis-order, dis-association and dis-ease. We can bring ease, association and order back to our bodies, minds and spirits by healing energy disruptions that cause a lack of ease, order or association.


Kitchen Sinks said...

Wow..seriously a great work on comments... no body can do better without good health and good mind.

Noreen said...

Thanks Kitchen sinks.