Monday, May 18, 2009

Tapping into your body's messages

When you feel overwhelmed, stuck or like you are never going to get through all your stuff, you can use your body's messages to help you. These messages are a gift when you learn to see that they are your body's way of communicating with you. Your body is your subconscious mind, it has downloaded all the feelings, emotions, memories and experiences that you were unable to feel, digest and process. But it cannot hold them forever, something will start to give at the seams eventually. We need to listen to our bodies and start releasing these unfelt emotions as a gift to ourselves and our health.

Do you have an ache somewhere? Is it heavy, dull, or throbbing? What colour is it? Where exactly is it? What metaphor can you use? What is the function of this body part? How does it relate to what is going on in your life? How would you describe it so someone else knows exactly how you are feeling? The more descriptive you can be with your body's messages the more shifts you will make when you tap. You can choose to start tapping on the most painful issue or you can start with a small ache, it is up to you.

Example set up statements:
Even though I have this black, heavy, dull headache on the right side of my head and it feels like it's pressing in on me, I deeply and completely accept myself and how I feel

Even though I have this tight burning sensation in my gut and it's scarlet red and it makes me feel frustrated and helpless, I deeply and completely accept myself and how I feel

Even though my hip feels loose and unsteady and I feel panicky about that as if I'm going to fall and lose my balance, I deeply and completely accept myself and how I feel

Adding how you feel about the pain really helps you to tune in to yourself and your body (your subconscious mind). You can adapt the set up as you tap, maybe the pain will move location, change in quality or you feel differently about it. This is a good sign that things are shifting and moving. Emotions are energy in motion and that is exactly what you want; movement. Tapping diagram.

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