Friday, May 29, 2009

Finger points, gamut spot and karate chop point

From the book Adventures in EFT by Silvia Hartmann

Worth; TH = Thumb = Lung Meridian
Energy imbalance through negative thinking.
When blocked causes lethargy, low energy and grief.
When tapped releases negativity and increases vitality and positivity.

Index Finger
Letting Go; IF = Index Finger = Large Intestine Meridian
Energy imbalance through hanging on to grief and guilt.
When blocked causes nostalgia.
When tapped releases emotions that hold us to living in the past. Allows us to live in the present, be optimistic and work towards future goals.

Middle Finger
Bonding; MF = Middle Finger = Pericardium Meridian
Energy imbalance through being unhappy with self and others.
When blocked produces feelings of low self esteem.
When tapped releases feelings of inferiority and increases personal power.

Little Finger
Unconditional Love; LF = Little Finger = Heart Meridian
Energy imbalance through lack of love for self and others.
When blocked results in selfishness and loneliness.
When tapped removes limited thinking, opens up consciousness and
improves long-term memory. Aids the development of empathy, compassion, and unconditional love.

Karate Chop Point
Trust; KC = Karate Chop = Small Intestine Meridian
When blocked it results in lack of confidence and feelings of self hate.
When tapped removes self doubt, feelings of low self esteem and improves
self confidence.
[*The KC point also corrects psychological reversal. The small intestine is
where we digest and assimilate everything, if we have trauma or undigested
emotions/experiences etc tapping this point corrects energy imbalances that
lead to self-sabotage or secondary gain. Noreen]

Gamut Spot
Connection; GS = Gamut Spot = Triple Warmer (Thyroid Meridian)
When blocked there is an inability to express emotions and love.
When tapped removes low self-esteem and opens us up to emotional
interaction with others.

Here are the diagrams for the EFT shortcut and basic recipe.

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