Thursday, May 21, 2009

How do I choose the phrases to use while doing EFT?

Article by John Freedom.
The Setup Phrase is often an under-valued part of EFT. Many of us have used (and taken for granted) the generic setup phrase that says "Even though I have this ________, I deeply and completely love and accept myself." This does work --- much of the time --- but not always.

The Setup is intended to be the built-in antidote for psychological reversal (PR). A PR is an objection to healing. It is a form of subtle self-sabotage, and includes any limiting belief or consideration a person is holding, that prevents them from healing and changing now. Often this takes the form of implicit self-hatred.

The person may believe, consciously or unconsciously, "Because I have this issue, I am a bad person, and therefore unloveable." The generic Setup phrase confronts this possibility, acknowledges that "even though I have this issue," and antidotes the PR with "I deeply and completely love and accept myself."

But there are problems with the generic Setup. Some people balk at the idea (or even possibility!) of accepting or loving themselves. I worked with one woman with Multiple Personality Disorder; she objected, saying, "But I don't see myself as a 'self'." And then for others, self-acceptance is NOT the issue; and thus not the antidote. There may be other forms of PR (lurking beneath the surface!) that need antidoting.

PR can take many forms, and these have been catalogued by (among others) Fred Gallo, David Grudermeyer, and Asha Clinton. These include:

Possibility: "I can't get over this issue."

Worthiness: "I don't deserve to get over this issue."

Safety: "It's not safe for me to get over this issue."

Secondary gain or loss: "I will lose _______, if I get over this issue."

Authority: "My doctor says I will always have this issue."

Identity: "I can't release this issue, but the issue is part of who I am." Etc. Read on


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Dear Noreen,

I have been benefitting from the discovery of your site, though lately have been distracted. However, I take comfort in knowing that there is a WEALTH of help and information awaiting me here, in your posts.

Thank you for your considerate, insightful, informative, and sensitive writings.

I know I will be able to delve in deeper, and that I shall need to.

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