Tuesday, May 05, 2009

EFT script for Irritable bowel syndrome

Try this tapping script for irritable bowel syndrome, keep going until you find relief, write down all the incidents in your life that you have found hard to stomach, difficult to swallow, hard to digest etc. All the hurt that you know you haven't processed and felt that is sitting in your gut just waiting to be felt so it can be released. EFT short cut diagram and procedure

Even though I feel irritated … I accept this irritation

Even though I don't want to feel irritated but I do, I accept my irritation and all that it means

Even though this … is irritating my gut, I accept the messages in all my symptoms

Top of the head: This irritation
Eyebrow: It feels hot
Side of eye: It feels constricting
Under the eye: Making my gut wrench
Under the nose: And tighten up
Under the chin: My gut feels tight
Collar bone: With all this constriction
Under the arm: And stress

Top of the head: There's so much I haven't digested
Eyebrow: And it's just sitting there in my gut
Side of eye: I find it really hard to stomach some things
Under the eye: And they're just sitting there
Under the nose: Creating a feeling of indigestion
Under the chin: And nervousness
Collar bone: It's so hard to relax
Under the arm: And trust

Top of the head: That I'm ok
Eyebrow: And safe
Side of eye: I still need to brace myself
Under the eye: Against …
Under the nose: From …
Under the chin: And I accept how I feel about that
Collar bone: I'm doing the best I can
Under the arm: I allow myself to relax just a little

Top of the head: So my gut can relax too
Eyebrow: And release some of this irritation and stress
Side of eye: That feels better
Under the eye: I can allow myself to digest some of this …
Under the nose: I can take it
Under the chin: And release it
Collar bone: I can swallow it
Under the arm: And let it go

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