Monday, September 21, 2009

When EFT does not seem to work

Article by Gary Craig.
Introduction to this extensive answer: When progress with EFT seems stopped-or it seems like "it doesn't work"-EFT is usually not the problem. Rather, the reason for the lack of progress can most often be traced to the inexperience of the user. Why do I say this? Because those who master EFT don't miss very often. They not only get their share of "one minute wonders" but, compared to conventional techniques, impressive progress is also made for just about any problem with an emotional cause-including many physical ailments. In those cases where the masters are stumped, however, they don't point the finger at EFT for "not working."
Rather, the masters ask themselves questions like....
"What's in the way here?"
"What have I not seen yet?"
"What core issue have I been unable to find?"
I'm not saying here that EFT is a panacea for everything. It won't paint your toenails, for example, nor will it allow you to drink gasoline. But just about anything that has an emotional cause-including many physical ailments-is a clear candidate for EFT. It often works beautifully, even in the hands of a beginner. But that doesn't mean we have perfection here. We are still learning and should give thanks for those "tough cases" that challenge us to perfect our skills.
Those who want to achieve mastery of EFT will be interested in the following reasons why it sometimes appears that EFT "doesn't work." 
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