Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Slow EFT for self help on broad issues

By Silvia Hartmann.
This is an application of the basic EFT protocol I have designed especially with self help in mind.

If you have used EFT on yourself, you'll probably know that sometimes it can happen that an issue has so many different layers and aspects, you think you have to tap forever.

This is particularly the case if the topic is a high level nominalisation, such as "money", "happiness", "family", a person's name or your own name, or an illness you have had for a very long time - these kinds of words have so many different meanings, connotations and memories attached to them that you could easily generate a hundred opening statements or set ups and then some. When you are working by yourself, it can be most difficult to know where to start regarding a topic like that for the best effect, and I have even a suspicion that the main components to such a problem have a habit of hiding themselves from us.

Here is a simple way to use the basic EFT protocol with a single small variation involving time to release a great many aspects, whether you are aware of what they might be, or not.

Do the treatment for the psychological reversal on the sore spot or karate chop point, just saying the word or phrase you have chosen loudly and clearly, three times. There is no need to say anything else although you can always add, "I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself" if you wish to do so. Click here for a diagram of the basic recipe and short cut tapping points.

Then, start with the first treatment point, the eyebrow point, and tap it whilst you repeat the word or phrase out loud. Read on

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Noreen said...

You can also start with the top of the head point too if that is where you like to start.