Sunday, September 13, 2009

20 Questions for applying EFT in depth

1. When did the issue start?
2. What was going on in your life at that time?
3. What does this issue/feeling/emotion/person/situation remind you of?
4. What is the earliest memory you have of this?
5. How do you feel about having this issue? The feeling surrounding the pain/issue often needs to be cleared first before dissolving the issue itself, particularly if the issue is chronic or serious.
6. How does this issue 'match up' with and confirm the beliefs you hold about yourself, others and life?
7. If there were an emotional contributor to this issue, what might it be? If you don’t know, guess.
8. Create step by step instructions for someone to know and experience what triggers you and your resulting emotions and feelings.
9. Why do you think you have this issue?
10. Do you think that this issue has a message for you?
11. What might that message be? Guess if you don’t know.
12. What quality/texture does the pain have? Be as detailed as you can, for example, heavy, tight, constricted, dark, tingling, and so on.
13. Does it have a colour?
14. Where is the issue/pain located? What is the function of the body part where the pain/issue is?
15. How does that function relate to how you feel? For example are you unable to 'stomach' an issue? Is something getting 'under your skin'? and so on.
16. What else do you notice about this issue?
17. What is the advantage of holding onto this issue? How does it help you?
18. What is the disadvantage of holding onto this issue? How does it stop you from doing what you want to do?
19. What image or metaphor comes to mind when you think of this issue? How does this relate to how you 'are' in the world?
20. If there were a person(s) or event(s) in your life you wish you had been able to avoid entirely, what would it (they) be?


julie said...

good questions!

Noreen said...

Hope they helped Julie :-)