Monday, October 04, 2010


I had the most wonderful EFT session today with a fantastic and compassionate EFT practitioner, Ruth Maier. I had a huge 'AHA' moment, the kind I've been hoping for, for a long time! I read a quote by Neale Donald Walsch yesterday on facebook, “The more that you act on your intuition fearlessly, the more your intuition will serve you. Intuition is the ear of the soul”. This quote really really resonated with me. I have felt the times I haven't listened to my intuition, or my gut, have been the times when I've been too afraid to do so, and as a result chaos and confusion ensued in my life. I was conflicted about listening to my inner voice, particularly in my own life, because at times it felt like the scariest thing to do and I didn't feel confident enough to follow through on it. When we're not clear and congruent, it shows up in the people and situations that come into our lives.

The implications of me not listening to my intuition and following it, have had quite a big impact on my life. I would get angry with others for “walking all over me” or taking advantage of me or my kindness and then I'd get angry with myself for having allowed it when I knew better. This is quite ironic as one of the biggest patterns and themes in my life has been not feeling heard or listened to, by others! It was easy for me to listen to my gut when it came to others, in fact I'd feel unkind if I didn't, but I found it difficult to act on it for myself, selfish even. I'd hear what it was saying but I would often override its message, so my body had to do my talking for me instead. The person that I was being unkind to was myself.

This is what I wanted to work on today with Ruth, listening to and following my intuition, all the time. All sorts of stuff came up, but the biggest blinker lifter for me (which might sound obvious to everyone else) was my intuition IS my power. I've heard how important it is to take your power back in the healing process, but I was abdicating my power many times by feeling too afraid to listen to my gut and act on it. I've had health issues with my gut and solar plexus areas in the last few years, indigestion, bloating, a general feeling of discomfort, symptoms very like IBS. My body was speaking my mind, but guess what, I wasn't listening or I wasn't hearing the messages clearly, because I wasn't clear. I really do believe that our intuition or inner voice is how God communicates with us. It is our direct connection to the power of God. Many times I have felt power-less and dis-connected, and the person I was most disconnected from was myself. Very often I wasn't listening to me or my gut. I wasn't plugging into my power source; my intuition, which is really just another way of saying how God, Source, The Soul, The Universe, talks to us. I'm definitely listening now!

Thanks for your kindness, compassion and allowing Ruth!


Gayle Rose said...

That quote really resonated with me too, Noreen. I've seen so many times where listening to my intuition has served me through my highest power and yet I still will ignore it at times. I wonder why? Why don't I stay engaged with what I know is working for my highest good?

I'm so happy that you had this powerful breakthrough through your work with Ruth. I've had that feeling too in my life--where I felt nobody was hearing or seeing me--but was I giving myself the same respect. NO!

I've learned to pay attention to what my body is trying to tell me, but I guess the real trick is to listen and see myself before the "message" has to resort to affecting the body.

This is a very powerful lesson to grasp and incorporate into our lives--I wish you great success with joining with yourself--and I wish it for me too!


Noreen Barron said...

Thanks so much for your lovely comment Gayle. I think women can fall into the (tender) trap of being people pleasers, it's the good girl syndrome. Looking for approval outside of ourself.

I think these patterns go way back, not only to the womb and birth but generational patterns and that famous collective unconscious!

Sometimes it all seems so simple to me, love and acceptance and yet look at all the complex stuff that arises out of a sense of feeling unloved and unaccepted?

Acting from our power is really acting from God's or Source's power isn't it? To deny that connection of feel unworthy of it renders us powerless and we're not. I've had many times when I've "frozen", out of fear, and I've known what to do, it just felt like I couldn't do it! Talk about helpless! But I'm moving through that Gayle, with the grace of God!

Lots of love to you and really glad to be a part of your journey this time around Gayle, you are powerfull :-)

Bodhirose said...

Yes, we women in particular do seem to fall into that trap. What you said reminded me of when my marriage was winding down and I thought to myself how I had done everything "right" and been a good wife, mother, but I was not satisfied with this relationship that was such a burden to me. I was tired of being "good"! To hell with it--so I gathered my courage up and said goodbye--I'm going to make my own rules now!

And now years later, I realize that we each get to make our own rules as to how we conduct our lives--this tidbit courtesy of Abraham/Hicks. It was so freeing to realize how true that is!

I've been in that frozen fear mentality too many times and I'm really working on being my fearless self--because I'm going to be really pissed off at myself if I'm not! :)

And you're so right, Noreen, through God's grace we both will move through our challenges and tap into that infinite fountain of power. Thanks, Noreen, for being here with me--you are a bright light. :)

Noreen Barron said...

Gayle, being true to our self is so important! When we're true to who we are we can be true to others. Life is too short!!

What a beautiful thing to say Gayle "tapping into that infinite fountain of power" that gives me such comfort and joy! It's never ending, and I'm literally and metaphorically tapping into it :-)

Thanks for your luminous light Gayle!