Friday, October 22, 2010

Energy Nutrition

One of the most important concepts I learned when doing my training in EmoTrance was the idea of energy nutrition. In practical terms, what that means is to be able to open ourselves up, without blocks or shields, to every energy and to allow that energy to charge and brighten us up, so we can evolve, learn, grow, be nourished by it and realise our full potential. To be able and to have the skills and resources to allow any energy to flow in, through and out and to have that same energy nourish you, is life changing and really powerful.

I don't believe that there is any such thing as a positive or negative emotion. Many of us haven't yet learned to move energy properly so we're emotionally and energetically constipated. Energy can feel dense or it can feel light. Feeling lighter feels good. Feeling dense energy because it's slow, thick and sluggish makes us feel stuck, it feels uncomfortable because we can't handle it! That's because we're afraid of it or we've judged it as "bad" or "shameful" so we deny it, bury it and most of all, hold onto it. Which of course is the last thing we say we want to do!  So, dense energy can't move and stays stuck.

We're doing the opposite of what we were designed to do; allow energy to flow in, through and out of our energy systems. How many people hang onto the so-called "positive" emotions for dear life and for fear of losing them, and don't allow new stuff to flow in as a result? And how many want to get rid of the "negative" stuff? Instead of thinking in terms of high/up and low/down, as in the popular emotional guidance scale, I prefer to think of energy in terms of being dense or light. It makes a lot of sense to me, energy is designed to move, moving energy is light, slow energy or energy that has come to a standstill is dense. Learning how to allow any energy to move in, through and out will make us lighter so we can really shine as we're designed to do!


Anonymous said...

its a very positive take on life. I will try to adapt it. May be I will derive some help from it.

lots of love.

Noreen Barron said...

Thanks Dearest Trisha,

Lots of love
Noreen :-)