Friday, October 15, 2010

EFT tapping script for feeling stuck

Even though I feel stuck, this stuck energy doesn't move no matter what I do and I'm tired of it, I love and accept myself anyway

Even though everything seems to be sticking to this stuck energy and it makes me feel ...I'm trying to accept how I feel about this

Even though this energy feels as hard as a rock, it's like as if it's been stuck there forever, I don't think it's possible that it will ever move, but I'm open to the possibility that I can move this energy with all the resources available to me right now

Even though it feels difficult to change my mind about this and how I see it, it feels like I can't find the solution no matter how hard I look, that's okay EFT Short cut diagram
Photo by Mike Lutz
TH I feel stuck
EB I feel stuck
SE It won't budge
UE No matter what I do
UN It's useless
UC It's hopeless
CB This energy just won't move
UA It's going to be here forever

TH No it isn't
EB Yes it is
SE No it isn't
UE Yes, it is!!
UN No it isn't!!
CB When did it get stuck?
UA I don't know

TH If I did it wouldn't be stuck!!
EB Some part of me knows
SE All I have to do is help this energy move
UE And I can do that with my intention
UN Am I willing?
UC It feels really uncomfortable
UN Because it wants to move and can't
UA What's holding it there?

TH Maybe a conflict?
EB Maybe a belief?
SE A block?
UE A shield?
UN It must be subconscious
UC Because if I knew
CB I'd do something about it
UA Or would I?

TH Maybe some part of me doesn't want to let this go
EB Maybe it doesn't feel safe
SE Maybe there's some reason for holding onto this stuck energy
UE I'm open to knowing the answer
UN I'm open to receiving
UC Whatever it is I'm ready
CB Whatever it is I'm willing
UA I'm willing to heal


Anonymous said...

a very accurate guide to release/relax your stuck energies.

lots of love

Noreen Barron said...

Thanks Dearest Trisha,

Lots of love
Noreen xx