Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Your relationship with your Self

You are searching the world for treasure but the real treasure is yourself ~ Rumi

How do you relate to your Self? With love and kindness or with judgement and criticism? Try the following script for self acceptance, please customise it to how you feel and your personal circumstances. Tapping diagram

Even though I don't accept myself, I accept how I feel
Even though I can't accept myself because ...(detail your answers, this is your "evidence" so to speak) I accept how I feel
Even though I have never accepted myself, I accept myself and all my feelings

Top of the head: I don't accept myself
Eyebrow: I can't
Side of eye: I won't
Under eye: Because ...
Under nose: I'm not accepted by others either
Under chin: I crave acceptance
Collar bone: But it never comes
Under arm: Why?

Top of head: Because I don't deserve acceptance
Eyebrow: There are so many reasons why I don't deserve to be accepted
Side of eye: For who I am
Under eye: For what I feel
Under nose: For what I've done
Under chin: For what I could have done
Collar bone: For what I do
Under arm: For what I don't do

Top of head: I have too many faults to be accepted
Eyebrow: So there are good reasons for others not to accept me and for me not to accept myself
Side of eye: But I still want acceptance
Under eye: I still need acceptance
Under nose: How can I get acceptance?
Under chin: How can I make myself more acceptable?
Collar bone: By pleasing others
Under arm: But that only works for a short while

Top of head: And then I feel resentful
Eyebrow: And don't want to do it any more
Side of eye: But I don't know what else to do
Under eye: What about pleasing myself?
Under nose: At least I'll be happy!
Under chin: But others won't
Collar bone: And that makes me feel ...
Under arm: Can I handle it if others are upset with me?

Top of head: Maybe
Eyebrow: Maybe not
Side of eye: Maybe it doesn't matter
Under eye: Maybe the important thing here is acceptance
Under nose: Of everything
Under chin: Including me
Collar bone: So I can stop struggling
Under arm: To be accepted

Top of head: Because it doesn't work anyway!
Eyebrow: I'm doing what isn't working
Side of eye: So I choose to change my mind
Under eye: And do something different
Under nose: So I have different results
Under chin: The results I want!
Collar bone: Which is self acceptance
Under arm: That feels more empowering

The curious paradox is that when I accept my Self, just as I am, then I can change ~ Carl Rogers

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