Tuesday, May 04, 2010

EFT tapping script for losing weight

There are many reasons we can put on weight; eating too much, unhealthy foods, eating for comfort/emotional reasons, underactive thyroid gland and so on. In this post, we'll address some of the emotional contributors. Are you carrying extra emotional weight? Do you feel weighed down? Does it feel safe to be slim? What do you need to be protected from?

Try using EFT the following set up statements, please modify them to suit you and your unique situation. Repeat as many rounds as you need to. Tapping diagram and Twenty questions to help you find core issues and beliefs. Try tapping continuously on the stomach meridian (under the eye point) for emotional hunger and cravings and the thyroid meridian (triple warmer or gamut spot) when feeling depleted, weighed down or hopeless.

Even though I need to feel full, I accept that need

Even though I need to feel full so I don't feel … I accept my need not to feel …

Even though I crave … I love and accept myself

Even though I feel bored, I accept how I feel

Even though I feel weighed down by … I completely accept how I feel

Even though I'm carrying … I love myself

Even though this weight protects me from … I accept my need to be protected

Even though it doesn't feel safe to be slim, I honour my body for keeping me safe anyway it can

Even though I hate the fact that I'm fat, I accept that's how I feel right now

Even though I eat when … I'm doing the best I can

TH It feels good to eat
EB I like feeling full
SE It's comforting
UE I feel calm
UN But I hate feeling fat
UC I don't like how it feels
CB Or how it looks
UA I'm not happy

TH I feel anxious
EB Eating comforts me
SE I don't feel so bad when I'm full
UE I crave ...
UN And eating fills that craving
UC At least for a while
CB And then I feel awful
UA When I look in the mirror

TH It doesn't feel safe to be slim
EB Too much attention
SE I can't handle it
UE This extra weight …
UN I feel … about this extra weight
UC I want to feel …
CB That doesn't feel like it's within my reach
UA Right now

TH Maybe there's a deeper reason for this extra weight
EB What purpose does it serve?
SE No purpose!
UE I just feel fat!!
UN And ugly!
UC And horrible!
CB And full!
UA I don't feel like my self

TH I feel weighed down
EB By ...
SE It depletes my energy
UE What do I do?
UN Just feel it
UC And stop resisting
CB And tap
UA And tap

TH I accept my needs
EB I trust my self
SE I trust my feelings
UE I choose to look at how I feel
UN And I choose to feel those feelings
UC I choose clarity
CB I choose clarity
UA I am okay

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