Sunday, May 23, 2010


We are, in our essence, just patterns of light and information
~ Richard Bartlett

In emotrance, we are taught that emotions are the feedback from our energy systems or energy bodies. The more distressing the emotion, the more our energy system is crying out for our help. When energy doesn't flow naturally, it eventually becomes very dense, as hard as ice. This dense energy has ground to a halt and causes havoc with our emotions. We'll experience emotions like frustration, depression and hopelessness because these emotions are all symptomatic of dense energy that has stopped moving and flowing. When our energy is moving naturally, we feel lighter, more vital, alive and buoyant. Pay attention to the initial warning signs that your energy system gives you in the form of emotional feedback and help your energy to keep its natural flow by fully experiencing your emotions without criticism, judgement, denial, etc. Once you judge an emotion as “bad”, the energy of that emotion becomes stuck. If the judgement becomes a habit and pattern, the energy becomes denser and denser and denser.

Rather than thinking in terms of the popular emotional guidance scale of high and low energies, I prefer to think of emotions and energy in terms of being dense or light. It feels more helpful and hopeful to me.

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