Friday, May 07, 2010

Giving something permission to stay

If you decide to give an issue/problem permission to stay, you'll probably feel a lot of resistance to doing that. The reaction most will have is to fear that they will never get rid of the issue if they do that. We mistakenly think resisting the issue will help us to get rid of it! Paradoxically, giving something or someone permission to be there, dissolves our resistance and helps us to become clear. From a position of clarity we are much more effective in finding and seeing the solution. Tapping diagram.

Even though I have this ... I give it permission to stay

Even though this fills me with fear, I choose to do it anyway (tap on the fear or any emotion that comes up)

Even though it feels like I'm giving in to ... I KNOW from experience resisting this issue isn't working so I'm going to try a new approach

You cannot remedy anything by condemning it
~ Wayne Dyer The Power of Intention

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