Monday, October 12, 2009

Music, Smell and EFT

We sometimes forget how evocative music and smells can be at recalling long forgotten memories. What smells of home? Freshly baked bread? Or something else? What smells do you remember from school? These two senses can really help you to tune in to your feelings which makes EFT so much more effective at correcting any energetic disturbances. Have you ever caught a whiff of something that immediately transported you back to when you were 5 years of age?

Listening to music can be helpful when you find it difficult to tune in to how you feel. Smells or odours can be more difficult to control! They can pop up when you least expect them and take you by surprise. Both smells and sounds can be aspects or features of an issue you may be having difficulty clearing. Remember, anything at all can be an aspect or feature of an event. The more you do EFT the more you will experience this for your self. If so, ask yourself what smells or sounds you can remember about a particular event. If something comes up, tap on it, if you find your self overwhelmed or even taken aback (this often happens when we remember or smell a smell) keep tapping until the intensity subsides. You don't need to say anything as you're already tuned in. EFT shortcut diagram and procedure


Janet Hilts said...

What a great idea, Noreen -- using music and smell to hone in on memories. Even for folks with memory problems (Alzheimer patients, for instance), music can be the most effective tool to evoke memories.

And our brain's center for smell is physically located the closest to our memory centers in the brain, which is why smell memories can feel so primal.

I never thought of using these to help with EFT. Thanks for the great idea!

Pat said...

I love tapping with music and do it often, but hadn't thought of smells. I can go back to my grandmother's kitchen in a heart beat, smelling the wonderful peach upside down cake she always baked! Lovely!!!

Noreen said...

Thanks Janet and Pat - that cake sounds delicious Pat!