Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Feeling trapped, stuck and overwhelmed

Emotions are energy. And energy follows the laws of nature. Energy likes and needs to move. For various reasons energy can become trapped, frozen or stuck. Very often we experience this trapped energy as severe anxiety, depression and complete overwhelm. We need to find a way to let some of that 'steam' out and tapping can help us do that. If we don't feel safe letting something go, or letting that energy move, the energy will become more dense over time and this is what very often leads to feelings of complete overwhelm. Our emotions are the feedback from our energy system, so if energy is very dense, it feels very very uncomfortable and how our energy system lets us know that it needs help in releasing that energy, is by how we feel. When we don't fully feel or allow the experience to move in, through and out of our system, we are overriding our natural release mechanisms and as a result we cannot discharge energy from our nervous system. This usually builds up over time until we feel bad enough to do something about it.

Tapping on the thymus and collar bone area will almost immediately return some sense of calm in the moment. When you feel calmer you can then perform EFT on the specific reasons behind the anxiety and depression.

A few set up statements that you could use to help you when you feel stuck or overwhelmed are:

Even though this energy is not moving and that is making me feel ... I acknowledge that it is stuck

Even though some part of me might not want this energy to move for whatever reason, I acknowledge that possibility

Even though it's just not safe to let this energy of anger (fear, guilt, disloyalty, sadness, grief, shame) to move through my system and feel it, I absolutely have to resist it, I acknowledge my fear

Even though I'm really afraid of feeling ... which is keeping it stuck, trapped and frozen, I accept myself, I'm doing the best I can  EFT Short cut diagram and procedure

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