Monday, October 26, 2009

The Discovery Statement of EFT

By revolution we become more ourselves, not less ~ George Orwell


Chak said...

What I still dont understand about EFT is that, one has to make "Negative statements/affirmations" about the problem we want to solve. I mean when you say: even though I can't concentrate, or even though I can not longer do such and such...., for example.

Now my question is how can those negative affirmations work to make a "positive" change happen? Shouldn't they be stated in a positive way. You know like all those Positive Thinking and success experts say, like Anthony Robbins, Napoleon Hill, hypnosis tapes, nlp, Brian Tracy, etc, etc.....

Noreen said...

Hi Chak,

With EFT you state things as they are. How you are feeling in the moment, if there is intensity it is usually 'negative'. That is not a negative affirmation but emotional honesty. Pretending you feel otherwise will only create more angst. This is what EFT does, it corrects the short circuit that is created in your energy system when something disturbs you. When you clear this, the positive naturally comes to the surface. It's a bit like the analogy of a blue sky, it always exists behind the clouds. What EFT does is clear the clouds :-)

You can also do EFT the other way. State something positive and watch for what Gary Craig calls 'tail enders' - i.e. objections to what you've just said and tap on those to clear them. If there are none, there's no issue!