Thursday, October 01, 2009


Life is movement. Everything is in the act or process of moving and changing all the time. When we resist moving, we stagnate. When we resist our emotions, which are energy in motion or energy in movement, we hinder those energies from following their natural course, or when we allow a thought not in alignment with our true nature.

Allowing ourselves to feel our emotions allows the energy to flow freely. We don't allow ourselves to feel for various reasons, it is not our natural state but a conditioned and learned state. Sometimes it's not safe to feel or express how we feel or it's not acceptable to feel a certain way. It's 'bad' to feel angry, envious and all the other emotions and feelings on the 'bad' list. And we all have a 'bad' list. What do we do? When these energies arise, we deny them, we repress them with all our might because we are ashamed or feel guilty for feeling that way. Tap and breathe the next time uncomfortable feelings and emotions arise. Allow them to flow and move through you and dissolve ... naturally.

Diagram of tapping points

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