Friday, July 17, 2009

When someone says something nice to you

How do you respond when someone says something nice to you about you? Is there a little voice  - your inner critic - inside  your head that objects? What are the objections? Something like:

... if they only knew who I really was
... No, I'm not
... Yes, but
... Yeah, sure!
... If only
... I don't deserve that compliment
... are they taking the ****?
... what do they want?
... No way!
... I'll never be_____enough - fill in the blank
... I don't trust them
... I don't believe that for one minute

Whatever the tailenders are in your mind - i.e. any additions, objections, negative self talk, self judgements, self criticisms etc, you have just been given a GOLDEN opportunity to tap on your true affirmations. Your affirmations about who you believe you are, what you deserve and what is safe for you to have and be (not necessarily what you want to be true but what is actually true for you according to your beliefs). These are the core beliefs and issues that are attracting things and people that match up with your corresponding beliefs. So now you really can thank someone for a compliment, even if you don't believe it, they've just given you a great opportunity to tap on all your negative self talk! 

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