Saturday, July 25, 2009

Using EFT for Abundance

Abundance is an energy that we are a part of naturally. Abundance does not just mean having loads of money. Though if that is what you want, go for it! What does abundance mean? It is the state of feeling like you have plenty. This 'state' is an energetic state and is related to a feeling or state of gratitude. Abundance has little to do with externals and everything to do with how we feel.

Take nature as an example. Does a flower worry that a bee will come to collect her pollen? No. Does the sun descend worrying that the next day she won't be able to rise again? No. Do you refuse to go to sleep because you worry the next day, you will not wake up? Not usually. Nature is abundant by nature.

Using Emotional Freedom Techniques to dissolve and release any energetic disruptions and disturbances (usually limiting, false and conflicting beliefs you hold about yourself, life and others due to 'negative' life experiences) will help you to realise what your true nature is: Abundant, Creative, Loving, Kind, Beautiful, Expansive and Receptive. This is the energy of intention.

Many of us are focusing on what we don't want, consciously or unconsciously. What we believe to be true, will be true for us and will show up as our life experience. Issues such as safety, deserving and permission can and do block our good. EFT helps us to dissolve beliefs that do not serve our highest good and remember who we truly are at our core.

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