Thursday, July 02, 2009

EFT script for guilt

You can modify the set up statements as you go through this script. Keep tapping until you reach zero, you may need to tap on some specific events if they pop up during tapping. See this as an opportunity to clear the events and related beliefs, not as something else to feel guilty about!

Even though I feel so guilty, I accept how I feel and choose not to fight it anymore
Even though this guilt is consuming me, I completely love and accept myself anyway
Even though I feel I am wrong, I completely love and accept myself anyway
TH: This guilt
EB: It feels hot
SE: It feels horrible
UE: I feel horrible
UN: There's something wrong with me
UC: I am wrong
CB: I don't want to feel this way
UA: I want it to go away

TH: Remaining guilt
EB: What did I do wrong?
SE: Me, I'm wrong
UE: Remaining horrible guilt
UN: Remaining guilt
UC: Remaining feeling of wrongness
CB: I hate the guilt
UA: It's horrible

TH: I can choose peace instead of this
EB: No I can't!
SE: Yes, I can
UE: I deserve to be punished!
UN: Because I did something wrong
UC: Maybe I can see it differently
CB: I choose to forgive myself
UA: But I didn't do anything wrong!

TH: I choose peace
EB: I deserve peace
SE: No, I don't
UE: Yes, I do
UN: I am a good person
UC: It's shifting
CB: It's lessening its hold on me
UA: I feel lighter


Anonymous said...

Hi Noreen. Very interesting to read.

Noreen said...

Thank you!