Thursday, May 05, 2011

Are you "too" sensitive?

Do you believe your self to be "too" sensitive? I think there is a difference between being receptive and sensitive. I believe that being too sensitive or hyper sensitivity is actually an overwhelmed nervous system. Try this tapping script to help your nervous system release some of that undischarged frozen energy. Tapping diagram and points.

A very receptive state of mind...not unlike a sheet of film itself - seemingly inert, yet so sensitive that a fraction of a second's exposure conceives a life in it ~ Minor White

Even though I am too sensitive, I accept myself anyway

Even though I feel too much, I accept all of my feelings

Even though I wish I could turn the switch off on my emotions so I don't have to feel them, I accept how I feel

Top of the head: I'm too sensitive
Eyebrow: How do I know?
Side of the eye: I've always been told I am
Under the eye: I've always been highly strung
Under the nose: I've always felt too much
Under the chin: I can't handle my feelings
Collar bone: And neither can others
Under the arm: So I push them away

Top of the head: But it doesn't work
Eyebrow: They get stronger
Side of the eye: Because I'm not listening
Under the eye: I'm not acknowledging
Under the nose: What my feelings are trying to say
Under the chin: So they get louder
Collar bone: So I'll listen
Under the arm: But it's hard to listen

Top of the head; When they feel so strong
Eyebrow: And overwhelming
Side of the eye: It's hard to accept my feelings
Under the eye: Because …
Under the nose: It's difficult to honour how I feel
Under the chin: And feel those feelings
Collar bone: They feel too much
Under the arm: I feel too much

Top of the head: My nervous system is overwhelmed
Eyebrow: I can help it discharge some of this stress
Side of eye: Tapping and releasing
Under the eye: Tapping and releasing
Under the nose: Tapping and helping this energy to move
Under the chin: And go where it needs to go
Collar bone: Helping this energy move
Under the arm: Helping this energy move


trisha said...

i think we both are supersensitive. :)

i have made peace with this nature now.

hope all is well down there.

lots of love.

Noreen Barron said...

It is Trisha, hope all is well with you, have a lovely week x