Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tapping script for sinus issues/irritation

Do you have bunged up sinuses? Do you have a post nasal drip causing you to cough? Do you feel irritated a lot of the time? Try this script to free up your sinuses and your irritation. In my experience congested sinuses and post nasal drip are very often caused by irritation and anger. What do you think is underneath the irritation? Tap along to the mp3 recording or read the script below.

Even though I feel irritated at/by ... I accept myself

Even though ... is really getting up my nose, I accept myself

Even though my sinuses are all bunged up, I accept how I and they feel

Top of the head: This irritation
Eyebrow: Is really irritating
Side of eye: I'm irritated
Under eye: I feel irritated
Under nose: And it's showing up in my body
Under chin: My body is speaking my mind
Collar bone: Because I feel irritated
Under arm: And my sinuses are expressing that irritation

Top of the head: I can let go of this irritation at ...
Eyebrow: Can I?
Side of eye: Do I want to?
Under eye: If they'd only stop irritating me!
Under nose: Or If I chose not to let them irritate me ...
Under chin: Do I have a choice?
Collar bone: Yes
Under arm: No!

Top of head: I'll feel the irritation
Eyebrow: So my sinuses don't have to express the irritation for me
Side of eye: Why do they get under my skin?
Under eye: And up my nose?
Under nose: The irritation is not flowing
Under chin: It's getting stuck
Collar bone: In my sinuses
Under arm: I can let it flow

Top of head: Literally!
Eyebrow: I can let it all out
Side of eye: I can eliminate all this crap
Under eye: That I don't need
Under nose: I can let it all flow out
Under chin: Of my sinuses
Collar bone: That feels better
Under arm: That feels more freeing


Anonymous said...

fortunately i dont have it, i pop a dispirin whenever i have a headache.

i think people who suffer from this horrible malady can get some help from your blog.

have a beautiful week ahead.
lots of love

Noreen Barron said...

Have a fantastic week Trisha :-)

Lots of love
Noreen x

Anonymous said...

what are your plans for christmas? any thing special?

its very cold there, is not it?

lots of love

Noreen Barron said...

It is, we had snow in November for the first time in my lifetime!! I'm hoping it's going to melt soon :-) How are things with you?

Noreen x

Anonymous said...

Thanks, this has helped me today.