Tuesday, November 09, 2010


What does it mean to be creative? To create means to make something new, to bring something into existence or to cause something to happen. Doesn't it follow then that we're all creative? Many people infer creativity to mean being artistic or musical and while it is very easy to see the energy of creativity in these activities, we don't tend to think of creating a nice atmosphere at home or making a lovely dinner as being creative. The truth is we're (co)creating our lives every moment of every single day, so it's very important to get clear and create the life that we truly want and desire. Say, out loud:

I create

I am creative

I am creativity

Notice how you feel when you say them and where you feel these sentiments in your body. Write down what comes to mind and tap on anything that you feel may be blocking or shielding you from really connecting to and embodying the energy of creativity.

Imagination is the beginning of creation. You imagine what you desire, you will what you imagine and at last you create what you will ~ George Bernard Shaw


meadysmusings said...

I agree and love it Noreen! :)

Dom* said...

Even being in every moment of your life like shutting the door on your car...twirling your keys on your finger as I have even gotten good with a fork in my hand and a certain manner of eating the food with that fork...it does not mean to be creative outside yourself..you are the biggest tool of creation to do all these things in art form with your body as though you were a martial artist or as we use to say being cool....as you know me by Now my Dearest Noreen that OK I do write things creatively and do write poems as well but it is the style that I can use my body in a creative way even shutting a kitchen cabinet door has a flair in it....enjoyed your post and thanks(+)
Dom* :) xo--{--@

Noreen Barron said...

Thanks Babita :-)

Noreen Barron said...

Thanks Dom, that's so true :-)

Anonymous said...

You have given creativity a new definition, a more beautiful definition. You are so right.

lots of love

Noreen Barron said...

Thanks lovely Trisha!

Lots of love
Noreen xx