Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Getting all parts on board

All YOU need to do is to have the WILL to Even Flow 
~ Silvia Hartmann

You can make life a lot easier for your self if you're willing. Willingness is probably the most important ingredient when you embark on a healing journey. You can do a lot when you're willing. Being willing means wanting to do something, not forcing yourself to do something, that's willpower, not willingness. Willpower takes effort, a lot of effort, it's sort of like swimming upstream, against the current with a big sack on your back, it's exhausting! And that struggle and effort are some of the most important reasons why we don't follow through on a lot of things that we say we want. When all parts of us aren't willing, we'll do all sorts of things to sabotage our healing efforts. Not being willing will manifest as:

~ Procrastination
~ Self sabotage
~ Conflict, particularly conflicted parts that want different things
~ Avoidance (denial, burying, stuffing, distraction, dissociation, suppression, shutting down) of the issue and the related feelings
~ Not feeling safe. Safety is one of the most important core issues to tap on, it underlies many if not all issues and is a primary reason for not being willing to heal

One of the most important things to tap on therefore, is being willing or wanting to heal. Try some of the following set up statements. Tapping diagram.

Even though I'm not willing to heal because … I completely accept how I feel right now

Even though a part of me is not willing because … I accept and understand how that part feels

Even though I'm not willing to feel … I accept how I feel about that

Even though one part is willing and another part isn't because … I completely accept and understand this conflict

Even though all of this feels forced, maybe because it's not what I truly want, I am now open to what my heart truly desires because I know it will be effortless

Even though I just don't want to make the effort, I accept how I feel right now

Even though I don't feel safe moving forward, I accept how I feel at this moment

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