Monday, April 12, 2010

The power of attention and EFT

Put your attention on anything that bothers you and tap. The very act of paying attention and noticing what happens will move the energy. Keep putting your attention on whatever it is and say "I am paying attention to ..." on all the points and watch what happens. When we simply pay attention and follow what our energy and physiology do, great things can happen. Many people tap with the intention of getting rid of something, or 'tapping it away' which very often does not work and leads to great frustration and a sense of being stuck. Tapping diagram.

Love arises when attention is absolute ~ Silvia Hartmann

Deepak Chopra on Awareness, Attention and Intention


Natalie Hill said...

Great tapping technique! I think that the more we are aware of EFT tapping moving the energy of the body, the better it can work. Plus we learn greater awareness and respect for the power of our body.

Natalie Hill

Noreen Barron said...

Thanks Natalie, I agree, it really does give us a respect for what the body can do and has done for us!