Friday, April 09, 2010

EFT tapping script for pain

You can use this script for emotional or physical pain. Make sure to customise it and use words that have meaning for you. This really helps you tune in to how YOU feel. Listen and tap along, find the EFT shortcut tapping diagram here. Tapping continuously on the karate chop or rubbing the sore spot, state, out loud:

Even though I have this pain, I accept it with all my heart

Even though I want to avoid this pain and I do all sorts of things to distract myself from feeling it, I love and accept myself anyway

Even though this pain is painful, I completely accept how I feel

TH This pain
EB It's painful
SE It's there
UE And that's okay
UN No, it's not
UC It's there whether I like it or not
CB I'm paying attention
UA To the pain

TH It's changing
EB It feels softer
SE It's moving
UE That's interesting
UN I'll watch where it goes and what it does
UC I'm paying attention to this pain
CB And it feels okay to do that
UA I'm observing this pain

TH This pain still feels hard
EB That's okay
SE I'm still watching and listening for what it wants to do next
UE This ... pain
UN It feels ...
UC I'm still observing this pain
CB And whatever it is doing
UA I'm still listening ...

TH It feels like I have to resist this pain
EB Because ...
SE I accept how I feel about that
UE I accept how I feel about this pain
UN I feel the way I feel
UC I want to avoid feeling all of this pain
CB Maybe I can hear some of what it wants to say
UA And feel some of what this pain feels like, just a small bit ...

Keep tapping until you feel a shift and relief. Pay attention to what comes up as you tap.


Bernadet said...

I am definitely going to continue tapping. It really helped me a lot! I am just glad that I discovered the tapping therapy.

Noreen Barron said...

Good for you Bernadet.