Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Authentic Power VS External Power




Power struggle


Emotionally closed


Right, righteous

Open heart

Walled off



Win win

Win at all costs



Self responsible

Blames others

Open to intuition

Closed to intuition





Wants to heal

Avoids pain

Faces fear

Resists fear

Creates authentic power

Seeks external power


Lack of integrity

Self aware

Self concerned

Spiritually growing

Spiritually stagnant

Detached from outcome

Attached to outcome

Changes inner world

Rearranges outer world

List taken from Seat of the Soul Institute by Gary Zukav. Tapping diagram. Try these set up statements and repeat whatever word or phrase that feels right on all the points.

Even though I have a need to be right, I choose to have compassion for that need

Even though I can't be wrong because … I accept myself anyway

Even though I only feel in control when I control, I accept my need to control and choose to have compassion for that need

Even though I avoid pain because it's too painful, I choose to heal anyway

Even though I blame others (and myself), it's easier than looking at and feeling what is within, I choose to exercise my ability to respond in the moment instead

Even though I resist feeling fear, I choose to heal and have compassion and kindness for all my fears instead

Even though I keep falling into the trap of seeking external power, I choose authentic personal power instead

Even though I believe rearranging my outer world will give me a sense of … I choose to heal and change my inner world instead

Even though I feel attached to the outcome because … I choose to detach easily and effortlessly from the outcome, I choose to trust that all is well

Even though there is discord in my life, I choose harmony instead

Even though it feels safer to wall myself off sometimes, I choose to open my beautiful heart

Even though I feel powerless, I accept how I feel

Even though I have a need to control, I choose to cooperate with all parts of me instead

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