Thursday, April 15, 2010

I am ~ Lahn Jung JuLes

This guest post is by my gentle and kind friend Lahn. She is multi talented as you'll soon see for your self. Her diverse and amazing work can be seen at her website

Bio ~ Lahn Jung JuLes graduated with honors from Hypnosis Motivation Institute. In addition to being a Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, she is a Certified Practitioner of Master Guided Imagery, Neuro Linguistic Programming and Timeline Therapy. She integrates these modalities to create lasting, positive, and effective changes in her clients. Lahn enhances her approach to hypnotherapy with knowledge and skills gained from a diverse personal and professional background. She is bilingual and bicultural Korean-American. Lahn has worked as a graphic artist, minister, translator, and teacher.

In her words ~ "It took a while but I've learned to acknowledge and embrace all emotions. I no longer feel the need to judge different flavors of emotion as bad or good, negative or positive. I am less compelled to deny or resist what feels unpleasant or uncomfortable. They are fleeting inner states. To quote Rainer Rilke, "Let everything happen to you, beauty and terror, no feeling is final." There is a great freedom in that. When I allow my emotions to come and go with equanimity, I am able to free myself (as much as possible) from the oft-distorted subjective filter through which I process my experiences. And out of that openness and acceptance of 'what is', my authentic communication and connection with others take place.

Visual art is one of my most potent, efficacious means to experience, express, and ultimately release my emotions. My artwork integrated with words and music in this video follows that path of self awareness and healing."

Allow your self to feel whatever it is you feel. Judging, criticising, stuffing, avoiding stops the flow and energy becomes stuck. Try this EFT script for allowing your feelings.


Anonymous said...

I love this, thank you for sharing the beauty of Lahn, magnificent!

Noreen Barron said...

She's fantastic Renay!