Tuesday, December 15, 2009

I feel or I am?

When you are feeling a feeling do you identify with it or associate your self with that same feeling or quality? An example of what I am talking about is:
I feel horrible
I am horrible
Do you see the difference? If we internalise a feeling and it becomes a part of our identity, it can have a profound effect on our lives. Children very often find certain emotions or energies difficult to process and understand and they tend to internalise the feeling instead. Going through life feeling like you are a horrible person is not pleasant, and, sadly, we tend to attract people and events that seem to reiterate this so-called truth.

When we internalise a feeling, the energy of that feeling becomes stuck. The same thing happens when we identify with a feeling, or judge and criticise the feeling. Instead of allowing it flow through, our judgements, criticisms and identifications impede the natural flow and the energy cannot follow its natural course of in, through and out. Pay attention the next time this happens and practice observing the energy of that feeling and see what happens when you tap along with that. EFT short cut diagram.


Eli said...

I really agree with that. I unfortunately can be like that sometimes. Sometimes if say things out loud numerous times, then you start to believe it. Just need to make sure you try to have a positive attitude.

Noreen said...

Thanks for your comment Eli. A great thing to do, is if you believe something to be true such as "I'm not good enough", rate the truth of that statement from 0 to 10 and then start tapping on it, out loud as this really engages your neurology, and see if it starts to shift. Maybe memories will pop up that you know are related and you can tap on these too.