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EFT and Intention: An Interview with Noreen Barron MA EFTCert-I

Interview by MohammadEFT, visit his great website

1. Can you please tell the readers about what you do?

I am an EFT practitioner who specialises in working with sensitive souls, chronic dis-ease, trauma, anxiety and depression. My experience is though, that people are drawn to work with a practitioner because of who they are, not necessarily what their speciality is. In essence I believe many of the issues we have are due to a lack of self love and self acceptance. We take on erroneous beliefs as a result of certain events and people but these beliefs are not who we truly are at our core. Though they can certainly feel like it. What occurs in our lives does not define or 'damage' us in any way, it's 'just' our 'story', which can be powerful and used to heal others and our self, but ultimately our true self cannot be touched or changed by these temporary experiences. I think trust is one of the most important factors in a working relationship, if not the most important factor, it enables people to feel safe, fully connect and open up so deep healing can take place. I believe that I facilitate people to do their own healing, so being as clear as I can possibly be is very important for EFT to work as well as it can. As Gary Craig says “get yourself out of the way”! I am also currently training to be an Emotrance practitioner and I intend to do the intermediate EFT certification in the new year. 

2. How did you first hear about EFT, and how did you first feel about it?

I first heard about EFT in a magazine years ago. It was an article written by Dr Mark Atkinson in a weekly alternative health section of the magazine. The words 'emotional freedom' jumped out at me and from there on I was hooked and immediately wanted to know more about it! At first I felt it was too good to be true, it seemed 'too simple', I think I was afraid of actually believing that it could help me as I had tried other therapies and they hadn't worked. EFT gave me real hope and I learned to take my power back, slowly but surely. 

3) The word "intention" can mean different things to different people. Can you tell us a little bit about what you mean by it?

I read Wayne Dyer's book The Power of Intention a few years ago and I was fascinated by what he said about its meaning “Intention is not something you do, but rather a force that exists in the universe as an invisible field of energy—a power that can carry us.” The energy of intention is creative, kind, loving, beautiful, expansive, receptive and abundant, an energetic force we are all part of and as a result have access to when we tune into our true self. I believe EFT helps us tune in by dissolving all the blocks clouding the way. He also said “accessing the power of intention relieved me of so much of the seemingly impossible work of striving to fulfill desires by sheer force of will.” This gives me a lot of hope and helps me to remember that by tuning into the frequency of intention, which is who we are naturally, life becomes easier, more effortless and inspired. 

4) Let's say someone is still new to the whole world of EFT and intention, and feels overwhelmed by the amount of work that "should" be done. Where would you advise that person to start? 

Start with how you're feeling right now, even if you judge what you're feeling to be 'wrong', even if you're questioning the validity of what you're feeling, if you're feeling it, trust those feelings and start doing EFT with them. I think one of the most powerful things EFT has done for me is to really help me to trust my self more, and value my feelings, emotions and experiences. Self trust is so important and gives us a solid foundation and sense of belonging that so many long for but feel they don't have. 

5) When would you advise someone to consult an EFT practitioner, rather than tapping for themselves?

 When they feel stuck and things are not shifting. If EFT is not working, it may feel like another reason that 'proves' the common belief of "there's something wrong with me". People tend to blame themselves and beat themselves up about EFT not working for them. Also, I feel we are all in relationship to each other, so, working with others, including a tapping buddy or a trusted friend, enables and empowers us to view our experiences from a different perspective. A new perspective can reframe the experience in such a way that it returns our power to us (or reminds us that we had it all along, we were just too afraid to exercise that same power) and helps to dissolve and release any intensity surrounding that experience. Allowing the space for someone to really be heard creates a connection and trust that naturally creates reframes I find, and they usually come from the person themselves. I find it easier to access certain issues and feelings when I do EFT with someone else too, they help me to tune into more painful feelings that maybe I would try to avoid for protection or safety. 

6) Do you have a tapping routine that you go through daily, for example? Or do you just tap when issues come up?

Both! I do have a tapping routine that I do everyday. I always do the three thump tap (collar bone, thymus, spleen) first thing in the morning along with the cross crawl. I also have my personal peace procedure list which I do almost every day (Note from Mohammad: The Personal Peace Procedure is an amazing use for EFT, I will write about it soon). I often tap continuously during the day too, a way of toning up my energy system. And I do tap when issues come up but sometimes if you're really being triggered it can be the last thing you feel like doing. I know from experience that this is the ideal time to tap! So if you can, really try to tap then.

7) Where do you personally see the future of EFT going? Do you have a certain vision for the future?

 I believe very much in the vision that Gary Craig and others hold, that the future of EFT is to realise that we are spiritual beings having a human experience, not the other way around. Using EFT to help us remember that we are infinitely pure, perfect and complete. I find that vision so comforting, hopeful, exciting, and, most of all, true. 

8) Last question, have I told you that I love your blog?

Thanks Mohammad!

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