Friday, June 12, 2009

A fascinating case using EFT and Chakra colors

Article by Alan Morison.

I have to write this case study as I have never come across such a 'natural' as Sheena, a wonderful lady who revealed the different stages of progress through her issue in colours. All it needed was an interpretation of them as we proceeded. She knew nothing of their significance but each colour had a relevance to her own situation. I have included a list of the colours and their associated meanings at the end of this article.

Sheena came for treatment for a very stiff neck which would relax with massage but revert the next day to stiffness. I decided not to ask for her level of intensity in numbers, preferring instead to follow her physical reactions. So, after explaining the process and saying that a physical condition very often had emotional causes, we began with a simple opener, tapping for the 'pain and stiffness' in her neck. That seemed to ease things a little so I asked if she felt there was a colour associated with her condition. She immediately said 'Red' so we tapped for the 'red stiffness and pain'.

Strangely, that didn't produce any shift, so I asked if this 'redness' reminded her of anything. It was the family situation, she said. She always felt left out, ignored as a child. Her older sister was the favourite, always doing more, getting more praise. Yes, she could remember one particular time when she had done what she felt was a good piece of work for school but it was quickly brushed aside with some placatory words from her parents which she felt did not do justice to her effort.

We tapped using her words and phrases and feelings, 'Not fair', 'Should have listened to me', 'They are just ignoring me' This produced the colour orange, so we tapped for 'this orange feeling in my shoulders and neck.' It quickly became a yellow sensation, then after another round, returned to orange again, the pain and stiffness remaining the same. Read on

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