Monday, June 22, 2009

Acknowledging and honouring

Internalise - make (attitudes or behaviour) part of one’s nature by learning, or unconscious assimilation
Deny - refuse to admit the truth or existence of
Repress (unconscious) or suppress (conscious) - (a thought or feeling) in oneself so that it becomes or remains unconscious
Disown - refuse to acknowledge any connection with
Disconnect - break the connection of or between
Dissociate - disconnect or separate
Minimise - reduce to the smallest possible amount or degree, represent or estimate at less than the true value

When we internalise, deny, repress, disown, minimise or disconnect from our feelings (by necessity sometimes), the flow of our energy, or life force, is diverted from its natural path and flow and can become stuck. If this happens continuously, a pattern of behaviour sets in and certain beliefs are formed, energy stagnates and eventually results in dis-ease if the natural process of ingestion, assimilation and elimination is not followed.

The kindest thing you can do for yourself is to acknowledge how you feel. Find the courage to feel what you feel (seek help with this if need be). The simple act of acknowledging (usually the first step in the therapeutic process) has the power to dissolve some of the charge around a stuck emotion or feeling. By acknowledging it, you are shining a light on the issue and bringing it into your conscious awareness. I cannot emphasise how powerful this is. You cannot remedy something you are not aware of nor can you use EFT for it. See the gift in issues arising and revealing themselves to you – it means that you can then do something about them with EFT. The best way to identify these beliefs is to look at the evidence; our lives. Having the courage to do this will lead you to personal peace and emotional freedom.

Your awareness does not have to take a particular form - it can be thoughts, feelings, images, smells, symptoms and so on. Trust that what reveals itself is a representation of what you need to acknowledge, feel, let go of and release.

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