Monday, June 29, 2009

EFT script for working with intense memories

Even though my brain has the perception that this memory is dangerous and is a threat to my safety and survival, I choose to really appreciate and love my brain for trying to protect me and keep me safe

Even though my focus and energy is on avoiding feeling this memory at all costs and I don’t want to feel it in any shape or form, I just want it to go away and disappear, I accept exactly how I feel, at the moment it’s the only way I feel I can cope and live with this overwhelm and that’s okay

Even though my nerves go into overdrive whenever I even think of this memory, it scares the living daylights out of me, I choose to engage my ability to calm and comfort myself by tapping on all these feelings and breathing through them

Even though my brain did a great job of burying this memory for me so I wouldn’t have to experience or feel the hurt/pain, the truth is, the hurt is still there and I choose now to feel some of it, bit by bit, until all the hurt is gone and I know that during this I am safe and protected always

Even though it feels like this memory is in control of my peace of mind and body, I choose to know and believe that it won’t kill me or swallow me up, I can feel it little by little until all parts of me feel peaceful, safe and comforted

Even though I am afraid, I choose to know that I can handle it, I am getting stronger and stronger every day and tapping really helps!

Even though that little girl is still really frightened and these feelings/memory represent that frightened little girl, I now choose to hug her, comfort and soothe her and tell her she will always be loved and safe no matter what

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