Friday, April 17, 2009

Limiting and Conflicting Beliefs

As you think so shall you become

What is a belief? a consistent feeling, thought or opinion that something is true. What's a limiting belief? I don't deserve, I'm not lovable, I'm not safe etc. There are more insidious limiting beliefs such as; I can't earn X amount of money unless I work 90 hours a week or I can't lose weight as my family genetics are "bad". Conflicting beliefs also exist such as passionately wanting something and working towards getting it, but then on the other hand, feeling guilty or non deserving and sabotaging your efforts in making that something a reality. This sets up a lot of internal conflict, which drains your life energy. Usually, many of our beliefs are unconscious. We know these beliefs exist because of the evidence; how they manifest in our lives and how their effects become our lives, they are the filter through which we perceive everything.

We can dissolve beliefs that do not serve us using EFT. Tools such as the personal peace procedure help us find beliefs (usually unconscious) that are limiting us and creating internal conflict (which usually result in procrastination and exhaustion).

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