Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The 8 Master Keys to Healing What Hurts and Creating Wealth-Being:

By EFT Master Rue Hass, taken from - a 10 part series on chronic pain

Free your S-P-I-R-I-T-E-D Self 

S –Tap to reframe your Sensitivity.

Have you ever been told, “Oh, you are just too sensitive! What is wrong with you?”    

Learn what is profoundly good about being so sensitive.

(Probably everyone with a chronic condition has a Highly Sensitive Temperament.  Part 3 of this series is about being sensitive, and this temperament is woven throughout all of these articles)

P –Tap away the effects of Painful experiences from the past

Life, especially your childhood, may have led you to believe that:

You don’t deserve to get what you want.

It is not safe to be visible or heard.

I –Tap to reframe the limited Identity you took on as a result (beliefs)

There is something wrong with me.  It was my fault.

My needs aren’t important.

I have to be ill in order to get what I need.

I have to save the world so that / before…  I can be safe. 

R – Tap away the Responses in your body to this limited identity (caged spirit) 

You couldn’t express what you really felt, so you swallowed it, and now it is expressing as:

pain in your body

chronic illness

sabotaging behavior, like avoidance, addictions, procrastination         

I –Tap for the deeper positive Intention of the symptoms and emotions

But deep inside you that anger or pain is really a message to you, wanting you to know that:

I can stand up for myself, express my own truth, ask for what I want.

I deserve to take care of myself without feeling guilty!

It is safe to be visible and be heard.

T –Tap for knowing that the Truth about me is...I was born good!   

(and, surprise, your goodness has always been there!)

The Truth about you is that your Wealth-Being is good for the world!

I belong here.  I am called to be here; I have a purpose here.

I deserve to prosper!

My truth has always been in everything I have done. 

E - Evidence that you have always been this truth

Find the examples of it in your life.

D - Set your Direction

Understand Your own personal Yum and Yuck meter. 

(Everything comes down to Yum and Yuck.)

Learn how to know What is Right for You.

I deserve to take care of myself without feeling guilty!

Tap into your own guidance.

SELF - Be Self - ish!

It is safe to be visible and be heard.

I am worthy of growing both spiritually and materially. 

Tap to feed your own soul.  If you don’t, no one will.

S-P-I-R-I-T-E-D   SELF. 

We are all in this together. 

The healing that you accomplish benefits all of us!   

Free Your Caged Spirit!

Tap into Your Wealth being! 

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