Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Wanting to get rid of something

This is such a common reaction to something we don't want. If we have a headache or we are angry, usually the reaction is to want it to go away. This is completely understandable. The only thing is, wanting to get rid of something gives it energy. Giving it energy helps it to "grow" which is the last thing we want!

Imagine for a moment that the thing you want to get rid of is there for a reason. It's your body (you) sending you a message and wanting you to listen. If a friend rang you with a problem and needed your help, what would be your first reaction? To help and listen most likely. Yet we seem to find it so hard to be a friend to ourselves when we most need it.

What you resist persists. Put the law of least effort (or non resistance as it is sometimes called) into practice and see how much easier your life will flow. And if you have resistance to what I am saying, tap on it!!

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