Monday, January 19, 2009

Resisting your good

I am going to talk about resistance again because it's a big one. When you are not doing what you want to do and don't have what you want, you can be sure there is resistance. Resistance to believing and embodying who you are at your core; creative, loving, beautiful, kind, expansive, receptive and abundant.

In fact, as you read those words, what came up? A quiet acceptance of the truth or judgements and criticisms? Who would be upset if you believed you were these seven faces of intention? You? Someone else? Is there a downside to believing any of these things? Are you resisting taking responsibility for your beliefs? Are you blaming?

"A goodness allergy is grounded in fear. Fear that you will get hurt. Fear that you will lose what you have. Fear that you don't deserve good. You are in fear that if you open your heart and mind to receive good, you will have nothing to whine and complain about. There will be nothing wrong. At the heart of a goodness allergy is the fear that if nothing is wrong, then you too must be all right. And that would be too good to believe" ~ Iyanla Vanzant

Keep tapping on any resistance to your good, whatever form it takes.


Ian Stone said...

Good advice yet maybe there is more; as most of our reactions are automatic; let me explain.

Consciously we process only about 40 bits of information per second yet, unconsciously or as automatic programs, we process some 15 million bits of information per second.

Now many of these automatic programs are our original life programs; for instance, we don't tell our hair to grow or our heart to beat; these and thousands of others happen automatically.

However many are also learned programs. For example, we learn to walk; we don't consciously tell each muscle what to do, this is learned automatic program which runs automatically when ever we decide to walk.

The same happens with most of our behaviours and many other things within our life. This is the way we are created, however many of these learned automatic programs are no longer servicing us well.

Yet, they are programmed to run instantly and automatically whenever the same emotions or thoughts pass though our consciousness, even for a microsecond.

To change these automatic programs consciously can be difficult if not impossible for some, because they are programmed to run 24 hours per day seven days a week with no conscious input.

So the question arises how can we easily create a change to these programs to serve our current needs or goals? ...

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Noreen said...

Hi Ian,

Thanks for that. Another way I have found very good for dissolving energy blocks is focusing ( and also the simple act of paying attention, observing what is going on. Being a witness. Ho'oponopono is very powerful too. I am so thankful for all these.