Monday, April 02, 2012

Using EFT for type 2 diabetes

One of the best resources I have found for type 2 diabetes is Dr Ron Rosedale. His articles on Insulin and its Metabolic Effects and Diabetes is not a Disease of Blood Sugar are excellent and fascinating reads on how important the role of insulin is in the body. Elevated insulin levels are highly associated and even causative of: heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, cancer, obesity and many other so-called diseases.

The precursor to type 2 diabetes is insulin resistance which is when our cells become resistant to the effects of insulin. In other words, the body's cells are not listening to insulin so it cannot do its job properly. This is because the levels of insulin are too high in the body, it is akin to going partially deaf after years of listening to music that is too loud. This is where type 2 diabetes can seem the same as type 1 diabetes but it is not. In type 1 the pancreas produces no insulin, in type 2 the pancreas produces too much insulin, only the cells are not responding to it. Eventually, the pancreas can stop producing insulin, but this is a last resort and does not have to happen. There is so much you can do to prevent insulin resistance and type 2 diabetes by making healthier lifestyle choices to lower your insulin levels and keep them at optimum levels.

Cleaning up our diet is the first step and we can start by reducing foods that can cause insulin levels to spike such as refined carbohydrates, grains and sugars. Regular exercise helps improve our cells sensitivity to insulin, so keep active. Keeping our stress levels low is also very important, as when we are in fight or flight mode, we release cortisol and adrenaline which causes our blood sugar to elevate. The pancreas has then to release insulin to bring down blood sugar to safe levels. If the cycle of stress keeps occurring, over time, excess sugars will be stored as fat, mostly abdominal fat, because the body cannot clear the sugars fast enough as the cells have stopped responding to insulin correctly. Elevated insulin levels can also lead to chronic inflammation and cause a wide range of chronic health issues. All chronic disease is due to a miscommunication of messages between and within cells according to Dr Rosedale.

Try the following set up statements:

Even though I'm insulin resistant and that makes me feel ... I choose to listen to my body and all of its signals

Even though I haven't been listening to my body because ... I accept that it has been hard to hear what it has to say because ...

Even though I have all these symptoms (list them) and they make me feel ... I accept how I feel

Even though I have type 2 diabetes and I feel ... I accept myself anyway

Even though I am chronically stressed and can't seem to deal with stress, I choose to accept that I'm doing my best for now

Even though I just can't relax, because ... I choose to breathe into any discomfort I am feeling

Even though it is difficult not to fight my discomfort or how I am feeling, a part of me wants to just eat (or whatever else gives you comfort from stress) so I don't have to feel any stress, I deeply and completely accept myself anyway

The human body is not a single being, but a vast and beautiful community; a living republic of cells and bacteria, all working in harmony towards the continued survival of the being we call you ~ Ron Rosedale


sharmishtha said...

well, i am pretty sure that if i am not diabetic already then sooner or later it will show up.

lots of love.

Noreen Barron, MA said...

It doesn't have to be that way Trisha, have a lovely weekend, am saying a prayer for you xx