Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Say yes to how you feel

Saying Yes to how you feel keeps the energy of that feeling moving. There is a big difference in saying Yes to how we feel and saying Yes to a situation or person, we tend to confuse the two. We might not like a situation and we may have been traumatised by a person, but when we can consciously say yes to how we feel, we are doing the kindest thing we can do for ourselves. We are ensuring that the energy of the feeling does not become stuck, instead we allow it to flow through us without judgement, criticism or fear. Saying yes or not resisting in other words, also aids in not identifying with the feeling, who we are is not how we feel, feeling horrible does not make us horrible, it's a temporary energy passing through us.

How many times have you been talked or talked your self out of how you truly feel? How many times have you questioned how you feel or didn't trust how you felt? Our feelings and emotions are precious feedback, they help us to navigate the world and people around us, they are our guidance system.

How we respond and feel are some of the few things we do have control over --easier said than done sometimes-- but ultimately very empowering. Say yes to how you feel, flow with your feelings rather than against them, follow the law of the least effort just like nature does and stop resisting your true feelings!

*As an adult you can help your inner child process any unfelt, stuck and pent up feelings, very often children are not taught to express their true feelings or are overwhelmed by the sheer power of their feelings.

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