Monday, February 08, 2010

Feel with EFT

I give myself 100% permission to have and experience the emotion of__________*

This enables you to stop struggling not to feel________ Stop trying to avoid the emotion of__________ Stop resisting _________ Just stop. Give your self permission to stop trying.

Follow these three steps the next time you find your self avoiding, resisting, struggling, dreading feeling the feeling of_______.

1. Pay attention, adopt an attitude of curiosity and observance. Observe how the emotion of ________shows up for you and observe and pay attention to whatever happens. Notice when the resistance, struggle, judgement, criticism or avoidance appears.
2. Tap on whatever shows up. See the tapping as a way of helping you to dissolve the energetic blocks to fully feeling this emotion 100%. This will help you to process and feel this emotion, maybe for the first time ever, and it also clears the way for you to feel this emotion in the future without experiencing any energetic blocks or disturbances.
3. Breathe, keep breathing and pay attention to when your breath becomes shorter, more shallow or quickens and, again, tap on whatever shows up.

* Don't be surprised if, when you say this out loud, you immediately come up with all sorts of tailenders like “Who am I to give myself permission” or “I can't do that!” or “I can't feel that, it's unbearable/bad/unacceptable” and so on. Tap on these tailenders, the tailenders themselves are actually a great way of getting to the bottom of why you are resisting and struggling with certain emotions. Specific memories may pop up that you can tap on too, events and memories where you came to the conclusion or decision that this emotion__________was not safe to feel, not safe to express, or the consequences of feeling or expressing it would have been/are___________.


Jonathan B. Lyman said...

This is an excellent example of what Nathaniel Brandon would call sentence completion technique.

I agree with you that most people don't accept themselves with the love they deserve. That's because most people are run by they're thoughts, and thought inevitably leads to negativity.

Instead, we can transcend thought, by noticing the present moment, being conscious of the life force that underlies our very essence, and give thanks. This is what Eckhart Tolle realized after contemplating suicide. He realized the miracle that he was alive, in the moment and gradually became the modern-day sage we know him as today. We can all become great if only we become conscious of the moment.

What do you think?

Noreen said...

I think you're right Jonathan, witnessing our breath and life force does transcend thought (and beliefs which are made from thought!), activating our life force is so important too. Have a look at Dr John Diamond's work in this respect.

Jonathan Lyman said...

Dr. Diamond is bringing more consciousness to the act of being conscious through cantillation.

I'll start using cantillation as another portal to enter the now, the inner self. Thanks Noreen.

Noreen said...

You're welcome Jonathan :-)

I love John Diamond's work.