Saturday, March 14, 2009

The Thymus Gland

By Dr. John Diamond:
I place great importance on the activation of the thymus gland in my practice. The thymus gland has many important functions. Among them are:
(A) the production in early life of special lymphocytes called T-cells which are vitally important in immunological surveillance, which is directly concerned with resistance to infections and cancer,
(B) the activation, after puberty, of the T-cells by thymus hormones,
(C) involvement in the flow of lymph throughout the body,
(D) the monitoring and regulation of energy flow throughout the body energy systems, initiating instantaneous corrections to overcome imbalances as they occur so as to achieve a rebalancing and harmony of body energy, and
(E) the thymus serves as the link between mind and body, being the first organ to be affected by mental attitudes and stress. Hence, activation and stimulation of the thymus is an essential, primary foundation of achieving and maintaining positive health.
In his book, Life Energy: Unlocking the Hidden Power of your Emotions to Achieve Total Well Being, Dr John Diamond provides evidence that the thymus gland controls the acupuncture energy meridians of the human body, and is the glandular key to vitality, love, courage and the will to live and the will to be well.

When we are born our thymus gland is quite large, nearly as large as the heart and lungs. As we get older the thymus atrophies (as early as 15 years of age) and very often becomes a mass of fat in our 40s and 50s. Tapping on the thymus has been scientifically shown to improve its function and it also grows in size! The thymus is also referred to as the higher heart chakra. See previous post on this. Take care of this beautiful and underappreciated organ.


Noreen said...

Excerpt from the book 'Notes on the Spiritual Basis of Therapy' by Dr John Diamond:

"Aspiration is a function of the thymus gland. Therefore whenever someone's thymus gland tests weak I merely have him say with feeling and understanding. "I aspire." Automatically the thymus activity is corrected. Aspiration involves a putting out from the heart, the spirit rising up to the Divine and going out to other people, the spirit of personal love and concern for all objects on the earth, and of course, deeper than this, an aspiration to be reunited with the Divine.

Love for our fellow man and for God are the deep properties that keep the thymus gland active, and as we have seen, thymus activity is the controller of the life force. Thus, through aspiration we can achieve perfect health of mind and body and spirit".

Circe said...

Wow, this is amazing. We all know (hopefully) that wellbeing is an integrative state... but this information weaves it all together so very comprehensively, and undoubtedly.

And that there is concrete hope for change in the adult body, in that we can actually change our thymus itself, not just briefly it's functioning, is "heartening" news!


Noreen said...

Hi Circe,

It is really heartening what we can do - it gives us all hope!